President’s Message


In preparation for the 2017 Conference, I am posting this information concerning a by-law change to be voted on at the conference and also a new Leadership Award in Honor of Bob Gilliam. The By-law change is just a cleanup of the language for the responsibilities of the President when appointing needed personnel. The second is just an addition to the many awards that members can be eligible for in honor of Bob Gilliam. These items were approved at the recent meeting of the Board of Directors and have been sent out to the membership in accordance with the Bylaws.

Article VI
The President, with the concurrence of the Board, may appoint chairpersons of commissions, committees, and task forces as may be necessary to carry out the goals of the Association. The President may appoint any Association member to such bodies.

Article IX

Section 1.

All regular members are eligible for nomination for the Member of the Year Award, unless they are serving as a current member of the Board of Directors.  All regular members, both board members and non-board members alike, shall be eligible for nomination for the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Lindy Smith Distinguished Service Award, the Bob Rogers Innovation Award and the Bob Gilliam Leadership Award.