Region Officer Duties

Region Officers Duties & Responsibilities


  • Serves as Region Manager – Responsible for all SCPRA affairs in respective area; primary contact for all matters relating to respective region; maintain close contact with Board’s Region Affairs Coordinator; primary contact for Web Master in utilizing web to promote region events
  • Preside at all Region meetings and workshops – Conduct membership meetings in an expeditious and businesslike manner; make sure all meetings are well publicized giving members ample notice; be visible at workshops by taking active part in the program, such as: conducting the welcome, introducing the special guests, recognizing non-members in attendance, present gifts to speakers, etc.
  • Conduct Election of Region Officers – has the authority to make appointment to fill vacant officer positions until the end of current term, when appropriate; publicize elections so all region members have an opportunity to serve
  • Represent the Region at regular Board of Directors meetings – attendance at Board meeting is encouraged; present workshop financial plan for Board approval; make suggestions for improving region activity and training
  • Serves as Backup to all SCPRA committees – assures the SCPRA committee duties of vacant officer positions until such time as a replacement is appointed


Program Coordinator:

  • Coordinate all activities with Region Administrator
  • Organize and chair the Region Program Committee – appoint two to three region members to serve two years in planning training goals; committee members should represent all areas of the region, if possible
  • Define Region training goals and needs – Program committee should canvas region members for input to establish training requirements; coordinate with other regions regarding training topics and schedules
  • Plan, coordinate and execute all Region training activities – training should be move around the region to promote interest and attendance; plan workshops for participation by members from other regions; utilize the website, newsletter, email to inform other regions of workshops and other training plans; plan workshops to achieve a “break-even” or better financial goal; submit workshop budget for Board approval by the deadline; reimbursement request for “Network Luncheons” must be submitted as required; submit promptly the “Financial and Attendance” report to the Region Affairs Coordinator at conclusion of workshop
  • Serve as member of the SCPRA Program Committee – maintain close contact with the Board’s Program Committee Coordinator; take an active part in attending statewide meetings when scheduled; submit ideas and suggestions when planning SCPRA annual training
  • Assume duties of Region Administrator when necessary – by design the Program Coordinator is second in charge for the region



  • Coordinate all activities with Region Administrator
  • Serves as Region Secretary – takes minutes of region general membership meetings
  • Maintain records of all workshops, Network Luncheons, etc. – make available for the Awards Committee, Newsletter Committee, and others as necessary
  • Serves as Region historian by maintaining and preserving documents of historical value


Membership Coordinator:

  • Coordinate all activities with Region Administrator
  • Responsible for all matters relating to Region membership – serves as Region recruiter; formulate plans and programs to attract new members in the region
  • Serves as Chair of Region Membership Committee – appoint one to two region members to serve for two years; there are no restrictions on the number of committee meetings necessary to accomplish tasks
  • Serves as member of the SCPRA Membership Committee – attend all scheduled SCPRA Membership Committee meetings; maintain close contact with the Board’s Membership Coordinator