• Member of the Year Award

    This award is presented in recognition of leadership performance.


    All regular members, both board members and non-board members alike, shall be eligible for nomination. 


    Points are earned in the following categories:


    • Longevity (consecutive years)
    • Recruiting New Members (Excludes institutional memberships)

    (1-2) new members
    (3-4) new members
    (5+) new members


    • Annual Conference, Annual Conference Business Meeting, Board of Directors Meetings, Region Membership Meeting at Annual Conference, Region Network Luncheons, SCPRA Committee Meetings, Region Workshops in other regions

    Leadership Activity

    • Previous Board of Director Member, Region Leader, Region Member Performing Special Assignments, Conducting SCPRA Presentations/instruction.

    Committee Activity

    • Committee Chair or Committee member for Membership, Audit, Program, Awards and Nominating Committees.

    Professional Activity

    • Member in national/state organizations that help promote SCPRA (ex. ARMA, SCAA, PALMCOP, SCLA, AIIM, etc.)
    • Certified Records Manager


    This award may or may not be awarded annually.



    Shanté Ellis 

    Shanté has been very active in the organization since she joined. In 2016, when the Coastal Recorder's Region Officer Position was vacated, Shanté stepped up and volunteered to fill the void.  Since that time, she has been very innovative in the process of not only keeping records, but in organizing and presenting ideas that eventually led to the Coastal Region winning the 2018 Outstanding Region Award. She has always exceeded expectation in her performance as Coastal's Recorder.  In the past year, Shanté has resigned her position with the Coastal Region to become the State Board's Marketing Coordinator. 


    Pat Lauterbach 

    Pat Lauterbach has been a dedicated member of the South Carolina Public Records Association (SCPRA) for twenty years. She has attended every annual conference with the exception of year the conference was held in Columbia at the Archives.

    As the Pee Dee Region’s Program Coordinator she was instrumental in developing and conducting a very successful 2016 Region Workshop. She successfully coordinated with the Florence County Sheriff’s Department to host the 2016 Pee Dee Region workshop at the Effingham Facilities and provide refreshments and lunch for the workshop attendees and guest speakers. The Pee Dee Workshop cleared $275.00 from the registration fees after expenses. The workshop was well attended by thirty-four SCPRA members with representation from all four regions plus five guest speakers.

    Pat continually volunteers providing help and assist with the setup and cleanup at the annual conference. She attends the January new and returning officers training workshop providing input and encouragement to the new officers in her region. As a member of the Program Committee she actively participates in the annual Planning Workshop held in February providing input in the development of the Annual Conference Program. She has hosted Pee Dee luncheons at her workplace, with the latest being held at the Central Carolina Technical College’s Health Science Center in Sumter which entertained thirty-two Pee Dee Region members and invited guests.

    Pat is an active member of the SCPRA Audit Committee which reviews all financial documents for the previous year. Pat, also through her due diligence in Record Keeping; provided the awards committee with the appropriate information to assist us in awarding the Pee Dee Region with the Outstanding Region Award for 2016-2017.