President’s Message 2/16/18

Oh NO!

The Groundhog saw his shadow!  That means 6 more weeks of winter weather!  I think with the winter weather we all would like to retreat into our homes and not come back out until the weather warms up.

Alas, we all can’t do that unless we somehow can do our jobs at home.

In a couple of weeks, your Board of Directors, along with the Program Coordinators from each Region, will come together at the Avista Resort from February 21-23 to plan our next annual October Conference for SCPRA.  We have reviewed the surveys that were submitted at last year’s conference and will try to incorporate some of those suggestions into this year’s conference.  If you have come up with any additional ideas for conference topics, please feel free to contact me with those.  If you would like to present a case study on a project you have implemented in your office or know of someone that has completed a project that would be great!  Contact me as soon as possible.  We had great positive feedback on the two case studies we had two years ago.

We have two great workshops coming up soon.  One from the Pee Dee and the other from the Upstate Regions.  Let me encourage you to sign up and attend either one or both of these workshops.  You will come away with some great information.  If you haven’t gotten an email invite please check the workshops out on our websites calendar.

Lastly, the flu season is upon us with a vengeance!       Please take care of yourselves.  If you have’t gotten the flu shot and can take one, please consider doing so.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshops and then at this year’s Conference!

Andrew Bigony – PM – President of SCPRA