• Lindy Smith Distinguished Service Award

    Decription TBD


    All regular members, both board members and non-board members alike, shall be eligible for nomination. 


    • Must have three (3) or more years of active membership with SCPRA.
    • Must be nominated by at least one active member of SCPRA.
    • The distinguished service(s) must have contributed directly to the success and well-being of the Association.
    • The distinguished service(s) must have contributed directly to the success of the individual’s organization as a result of activities sponsored by SCPRA membership.



    This award may or may not be awarded annually.

    Past Recipients



    Angie has served as the Treasurer for the South Carolina Public Records for several terms equivalent to a decade of service. During the years as the Treasurer she developed and implemented procedures which insured the security and accuracy of the Associations financial records. She developed, implemented and chaired the Finance Committee which conducted semiannual financial audits. She insured that the association was in compliance with both the state and federal regulations and timely reports. Angie has also served and participated with the Program Committee assisting in the development of the Annual Conference Program. Through her many years of support and unselfish efforts she has been instrumental in securing the audio-visual equipment critically necessary to support the annual conference.


    Pam’s years of dedicated service with the South Carolina Public Records include serving as an officer with the Coastal Region and eight years as a member of the Board of Directors. She managed and coordinated all updates to the SCPRA Website, served as an active member of the Program Committee, and developed a multi-purpose practical Annual Conference brochure.  She has developed and implemented procedures which simplified the registration process when registering for and at the Annual Conference. She developed and implemented the Connect and Reconnect Workshop which addresses a method of Meet and Great Records Roundtable discussion.