• Membership

    The South Carolina Public Records Association is an association organized to provide a network of people for the advancement and improvement of records and information management in the public sector.

    2020 Membership Rates

    The organization’s goals are as follows:

    • To increase the awareness of the ethical aspects of records and information management.

    • To establish educational and training activities in the creation, use, disposal, management, preservation, and conservation of records.

    • To disseminate information appropriate to the advancement of records and information management.

    • To assist public records managers with solutions to problems, concerns, and technological advances.

    • To encourage active participation in legislative processes which impact public records managers.

    Memberships are run on a calendar basis (January-December). Proration is prohibited.

    Individual membership applications once submitted and paid grant access to membership only resources within the website automatically.

    Organizational membership applications require approval by the SCPRA Membership Coordinator to ensure a clean membership database and establish/reestablish the organization’s preferred point of contact. Upon approval, the organization’s primary contact will be required to add the organizations individual contacts by submitting this form within thirty days.

    Lifetime membership applications require approval by the SCPRA Membership Coordinator.

    View the Full Membership Flyer or download it below:

    Membership Flyer